Weekend Portrait Painting Workshop 17/18 September (Cancelled)

Cyril Coetzee portrait painting 13-14 August

Portraits: Paint from a Model without fear!

Two clothed models will be posed together, one male & one female – paint one or both

 17 & 18 September 2016 (9:00-13:00) R1300,00
(includes model fee)

This workshop will help you to achieve accuracy and a sense of the sitter’s presence in doing portraits of all kinds, working from life.

The focus of the workshop is on developing the various skills a needed to tackle a portrait from a live model: line, tonal values, colour, texture and brushwork.

Cyril will give guidelines for various alternative methods depending on your stylistic preferences.

R1300,00 – Payment secures your place on the course!

Payment to: CL Coetzee, Standard Bank, Braamfontein (004805),
Acc. No. 002290251, beneficiary reference: your name
Please send payment confirmation to cyrilcoetzee@worldonline.co.za.

Painting Materials:
Participants must bring provide their own materials. Chairs and tables will be provided. Please bring your own free-standing easel. If you are not able to, please let me know.

You may use Sans Odour, or odourless white spirits (Italian Artshop), or natural plant/ vegetable turpentine (Organic Zone) but no other solvent media. Liquin may be used moderately, in consultation with Cyril, please.

Bring 1or more white canvasses (any size).                   

Following is a list of suggested materials, including the colours you may need:

  1. Disposable or other palette
  2. Oil paints preferably, but not essentially, in the Artists artist’s quality range , in the following colours – or similar colours:
  • Titanium White
    Viridian Green
    Sap Green
    Burnt Sienna
    Burnt Umber
    Raw Sienna/ Yellow Ochre
    Cadmium Yellow
    Cadmium Red
    Alizarin Crimson
    French Ultramarine Blue
    Phthalo Blue
    Naples Yellow / Naples Yellow Red
    Paynes Grey/ any black
  1. Linseed oil
  2. Sans Odor or odourless white spirits (Italian Art shop, (021) 685-1877)
  3. Dishwashing liquid for washing brushes
  4. Small containers for the oil, e.g. cocktail jam jar with lids
  5. Palette knife for mixing colours
  6. Paper towel



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