Next Upcoming Exhibition!

Please join us for Eye of the Beholder Exhibition Opening
Friday 12 October at 18h30

Eye of the Beholder



Participating Artist:

Leonie E Brown, Alan & Anne Raubenheimer, Melanie Meyer, Laurette van der Merwe, Petro Farr, Aviva Dodson, Danielle Martijn, Diane White, Bella Gebes, Marusa Mason, Hein Reinders, Cornelie Wolff, Ravalle Beaton, Bertzy Geldenhuys, Irmel Dunaisla, Karin Kruger, Stella Pelser, Belita Burger, Vernon Fourie, Ann Selbach, Karen Litson, Aiden Taillard, Sanet Visser



Bright Street Gallery is proud to present
in conjunction with Eye of the Beholder Group exhibition
a Mini Solo exhibition by Encaustic Artist Leonie E Brown
Opening is at 18h30 on 12 October exhibition on till 16 November 2018Leonie E Brown.jpg

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