Current Exhibition

Congratulations you have been selected for our Water and Wetlands Exhibition opening on Friday 24 August

BETTIE NIEUWOUDT ART GROUP EXHIBITION, opening at Bright Street Gallery on Friday evening 15 February at 6.30pm.

Please join us for a glas of wine and beautiful art!

Participating artists –

Valmai Bond, Val Rixon, Suzanne Harley Davies, Sonja Bester, Sharon Tomes,

Ria van der Westhuizen, Pia Peterson, Pam Peters, Nico Taljaard,

Lynette Pentz, Lanette Carstens, Kersti Llewellyn-Beard, Karen van Heerden,

Jackie Henry, Grace Galland, Gideon Müller, Georgie Lombaard,

Connie Arends, Annemarie Beytell, Anne Nortje, Adriaan Norman,

Colleen Tychsen, Heather Laithwaite, Indra Kalidindi, Chrissy Radley,

Leonie Malan, Archie Rudman, Juanita Fourie, Loan Tanner, Mary Hough


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