Calling all Artists for submissions!

Calling All Artists!!!
Your work must be labelled clearly with your name, the title of the work, the medium and your telephone/cell number. 
Selection will be completed by a panel of three people appointed by the gallery owner, Di White – Online Submissions will also be considered and may be sent to the gallery email at to receive us no later than 29 May at 12h00. 

Artworks must be collected between 14h00 and 16h00 the same day when you will be told whether your artwork has been selected.
There is no entry fee for selection

If selected for exhibition a hanging fees: R 50. 00 per work applies.
Selected artists will be expected to supply a plate of food for the Opening on FRIDAY 5 July 2019
1.      Entries on each of the themes may consist of work in any medium: oil, watercolour, pastel, acrylic, printmaking, drawing, photography, digital, sculpture, ceramics or mixed media. There is no restriction on the size of a
          work. Artwork need not be framed for the selection, but it must be neatly presented.

2.      A maximum of three (3) works may be submitted for selection.
3.      Entries must be your own original, handmade, unaided work.  You may not submit work done in classes led by an art teacher, regardless of whether the art teacher has given permission.
4.      No images that are taken from the internet, television, film or other public electronic media will be accepted.
5.      Reproductions of any other artist’s work will not be accepted.
6.      You must either own the copyright to any photographic images you work from, or provide written proof that you have the permission of the author of the source material to use it in your work.  Please be aware that      
          plagiarism is a criminal offence, and that intellectual property is protected. Bear in mind that copyright rules exist for your own protection.
7.      All entries to the exhibition must before sale.  Bright Street Gallery will apply 50%  commission to all sales (example: if you price your work at R 1000. 00 the gallery will add R 500. 00 which will be taken as   
          commission on the sale).
8.      To facilitate hanging, screw eyes must be fixed 20% of the way from the top of the frame with cord attached and the back of the work must be neat.  Boxed canvasses must be no less than 3 cm deep and the sides 
           must be painted.  Bright Street Gallery reserves the right to reject any items it considers unacceptably framed or presented.
9.       If you need any form of electronic equipment to present or display your art, it must be supplied by you.

We look forward to seeing your work! 

The Team at Bright Street 
021 851 2520 

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