Bright Street Gallery is proud to host a Mini Solo Exhibition by acclaimed Artist and Photographer Sue Tatham.

” Seated Female Nude” by Sue Tatham, Ink on Paper, R2700.00

Sue’s favorite genre is contemporary classical realism. Her work is contemporary and versatile, and ranges from formal realism through to expressionism and abstraction at times. 
Women and feminine figures form a central recurrent theme, at times inspired by African and European mythology, natural geometry and her favorite teacher, nature. 

“Seated Male Nude” by Sue Tatham, Charcoal on greyscale paper, R1500.00

The human form is a fascinating and favourite subject for Sue, and for this reason she simply loves figure drawing.  Lively & energetic sketches of the feminine and masculine model are in charcoal and ink. 

“Woman in Mandarin Coat – Purple Chinese Ming Dynasty” by Sue Tatham, Oil on canvas Tondo, R12 075,00

In her paintings Sue uses oils and watercolour to capture her mindful vision of diverse expressions and aspects of women. 

MINDFUL FIGURES, SKETCHES & PORTRAITS Exhibition by Sue Tatham is on till 28 June 2018 at Bright Street Gallery.

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