Artist Bio:

I was born in Pretoria, South Africa in 1969, my childhood was spent with my family in the United States, Germany, Belgium and South Africa. I studied Graphic Design at the Ruth Prowse School of Art and Design and received my diploma in 1995. Having spent many years in the corporate field I started painting in 2011 and by 2012 opened my small business, the Trotting Trestle. 

Clea Witte
Strength in Unity
Oil on boxed canvas
1400mm x 2000mm
R37 500.00

My work gets inspired and fuelled by the beauty of the horse. I love working in oil paint, especially on a larger scale to capture the energy and grace of the horse. My art grows with each painting, finding new ways to bring across a work of art that captures the viewer to take a moment and be in wonder of such an incredible animal. It’s my perfect world being able to combine a love for horses and my love for art. I never have a perfect plan for my next project but instead let the process guide me into whichever directions it wants to go. Giving the painting a voice of it’s own, so it’s even for me a surprise in the end. 

Clea with her horse.
Image by Freddie Juhl

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