Noreen Sturrock

Artist Bio:

I paint because I love it. Why?  Who knows, it just gives me pleasure and I can switch off my world for just a few hours. A touch of heaven.

Mostly I enjoy working in Oil and Acrylic. Although I have done work in Charcoal, Pastels, watercolour.

Noreen Sturrock,
Acrylic on canvas,
R12 750

I started Chinese Brush painting with a friend, Debbie, in Bangkok in the early 1980s. She persuaded me to give it a try. I remember it was the rainy season, hot, humid and very unpleasant.  There was little to do unless you wanted to sit in traffic! And that was the beginning of my Art Journey!  

Two years later I married my husband in Hong Kong.  Debbie was transferred to Hong Kong a year later and both of us joined in a weekly class with  Master Chiu Sai Kwong.  It was fabulous. Every Friday we would drive out to Master Chiu in Kowloon for the morning, and on the way back to Hong Kong Island we would stop off and have lunch, Salmon on a toasted Baguette!  7 years later, on and off we were still doing it.

We moved to Clear Water Bay and I took up golf! Art I tried juggling between Nursery school, golf and plenty of other commitments 

Each Country I lived in I kept up my Chinese brush painting until Ireland I joined a night school group Killarney Tec. And started to learn Acrylic painting. Pastels and drawing with an American teacher Debra O’Conner (O’Keefe) 

I exhibited with the Rotary Club Chinese Brush Paintings.

On arrival in Somerset West I decided to pursue my art more diligently and try out a new medium, Oils. Enrolled in a classes with Betty Nieuwoudt my very first introduction to oils. At the time I was living in Uganda and I would travel to South Africa at intervals, Betty always welcomed me into her classes at Crafters Inn.

Annette da Silva, I took private lessons with Annette learning the use of colour and big bold strokes. It was fun and we still paint today.  

My very first Workshop was a gift from my husband for a 3 day workshop was with Dale Elliott. It was magical and it opened up a new world for me with a different method to paint which I still use today. His son Mel joined him and I continued to make an annual trip for many years. My husband always knew that the best Birthday or Xmas present was/is a trip to Villiersdorp!

My introduction to Portraits was Elize Bezuidenhout. A 3 day workshop was/is magic. I have the opportunity to attend in October which I am really looking forward to with great anticipation. 

Derric Van Rensberg Workshop, Big Bold and Beautiful.

Workshops I have attended are so many that I can’t remember them all, here are but a few I attended recently, Sonja Frenz , Karen Burns, 

Plein Aire with Western Cape Art Society and trips away on various Art holidays. I have attended to some Markets

I belong to South African Artist Society based in Cape Town and Western Cape Art Society based in Somerset West.

Exhibited in

Bright Street Gallery, Somerset West

Ndiza Art Gallery, Gordon’s Bay

Kirstenbosch Gardens. 

Botanical Gardens in Kleinmond

Various Vineyards

Blue Waters, Lourensford road, Somerset West

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