Lynne Menge

Artist bio:

Lynne was born and raised in Johannesburg, and studied in the UK before returning to South Africa. She joinied the Advertising Industry as a graphic designer and enjoyed a successful career progressing from designer to creative director for various Ad Agencies before opening her own company, Adrenalyn Designs in 2005.

Recently retired, and living in Cape Town, she is now focusing all her time and energy into painting in both oils and acrylics.

Lynne Menge
A New Dawn
Acrylic on canvas

Lynne Menge has also created a body of work titled “Seascapes” which reflect the power of the ocean. Water is the universal life force depicting flowing energy and motion. Water rejuvenates both body and mind and Lynne chooses dynamic compositions and interpretations to show the passion of movement that comes from this powerful source of nature. By emphasising the intensity of the tides one is drawn into the painting by its sheer energy and vitality. The use of vibrant blues, turquoises and viridians creates the feeling of almost being deep within the ocean. The formats are rectangular, using mostly the freedom of a palette knife to create movement in a sophisticated easy style.

Lynne Menge
New Growth
Acrylic on canvas

Most of Lynne’s work is inspired by the sheer beauty and power of nature, particularly the sea. Only a deep expression of the soul can create these dramatic paintings in oils. Lynne has been painting for many years on a part time basis, as well as experimenting with many mediums including metal sculpture works. Lynne is also available for commission work.

Lynne Menge
From Dawn to Dusk
Acrylic on canvas
R12 000

​Lynne’s work has been published in “The Collector’s Guide to Art & Artists in South Africa”, (compiled by Bronwyn Collard, The South African Institute of Artists and Designers).
Lynne was nominated as a finalist in 2016 Hermanus Fynarts Tondo competition.

Lynne Menge
Rivers Walk
Acrylic on canvas

​Over the past 2 years Lynne has completed workshops under the mentorship of Greg Kerr to improve both her technique and knowledge.

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