Hanlé Barnard

About Him to the Hummingbird:

It’s a celebration of loss and the loose strokes and colours fade into a distorted shape with bright colours that playfully serves as fun antitheses to a loved one’s departure. The painting explores remembrance and finding beauty in pain.

Hanlé Barnard
Him to the Hummingbird
Acrylic on canvas
R6 000

Artist bio:

Hanlé fell in-love with art as a child and a great admirer of the philosophies of Duchamp who managed to break extensive barriers through his found objects.

She believes that philosophy and art share equal importance when portrayed on a canvas which she sees as a reflection of particular
moments or making sense of significant emotions.

Art is her way of expressing individualism and she is her happiest with a blank canvas and brush. The ideas for her works mostly comes as a dreamscape – and she prefers working alone with no disruptions focusing deeply on her work. Hanlé ‘s works as an award-winning actress, speaker,_musician and writer. Art is her first passion.

Hanlé believes art is an important part of her SeIf- and a_reproduction of passages in her mind. Her artworks has emotional gravitas and seeks to explore elements of freedom pain, remembrance and beauty.

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