I focus on monochromatic artwork in various media, but right now my passion is with graphite and pen and ink, and the technical side of drawing.

The black and white of pen and ink on white paper, and the state of this medium being totally ‘inflexible’ compared to various other media and rather unforgivable with its permanent mark, challenges and fascinates me.

Anni Angus
Pen and ink on paper
540x700mm, Framed
R3 750

My pen and ink collection is created solely by using mainly pointillism, or stippling. There are no lines. It takes an incredibly long time to do and as a pen and ink artist one needs a great deal of stamina and patience – but the final outcome is to a tremendous degree personal and extremely rewarding.

In this regard I hope my artwork can draw the viewer in both ways, appreciating the work and effort up close, and enjoying it from afar. At present I am attempting something totally new, and rather unheard of – pointillism on canvas.

My tree collection:

My tree collection is something unique. Trees are used to represent life and growth in mythologies, legend and novels. They are considered representative of wisdom, strength, patience and life. It’s amazing how
every single tree is solitary in type or characteristics , each with its own quality and beauty – no two trees are the same. I focus on the very old, gnarled and interesting looking trees for inspiration – to me they are
nature’s true works of art.

Anni Angus
Pen and ink on paper
540x700mm, Framed
R3 750

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