I am a self taught artist that resides in Somerset West. Some of my earliest memories is of me drawing – to create has always been a passion. It however took a few years to finally get to that desired place. After obtaining a qualification in law and spending years working – I had the time to breathe and focus on creativity after my daughter was born and I stopped working full time. Painting for me is a joy – a need to express the astounding beauty that often surrounds us, frequently in the small and overlooked things such as a bright yellow lemon from my tree in the garden. The incredible detail in creation never ceases to amaze me and to interpret but a fraction of that on a canvas is awe inspiring.

Jalaun Schultz
Acrylic on canvas
R2 700

My painting style is realistic, with the occasional nod towards abstraction, to incorporate an element of the unexpected – even if its just in the background of a particular artwork. To find the perfect balance between realism and abstraction is a process that fascinates me – a journey, not just to paint what I see but also what I feel. I am inspired by artists.who have perfected balancing these opposite ends of the scale.

Colour is an important element in my art and the feeling and mood that different hues and shades can convey and create.

Jalaun Schultz HARVEST TABLE
Acrylic on canvas
R1 800

Click the link below for purchase information:

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