Linda Gotlieb


My art journey has really only just begun, after a 23 year corporate Marketing career ended in 2011. Regular art classes and workshops influence me and challenge me and I keep exploring and learning.

My inspiration? Seeing beauty all around me with “new eyes” since starting to paint. It’s in the shape and colour of the clouds, so different, each and every day, it’s in the look in my new puppy’s eyes, it’s in a face that I see in a crowd, and it’s in the beauty of what I see on my travels, which I photograph and use as reference material in my studio.
My art style leans towards realism, though, trying too hard to create detail is not my intention. I try rather to capture the essence of what caught my attention initially and inspired me to want to paint it.

Linda Gotlieb
Oil on canvas 600 x 800mm
R6 000

Member of South African Society of Artists (SASA) and Constantiaberg Art Society (CAS) Sales of art at various SASA Exhibitions, CAS Exhibitions, Royal Cape Exhibition, Elliot Art Gallery Auction, sales to private individuals and Private Commissions.

To purchase any of the artworks on display, click the button below:

More artwork by Linda Gotlieb from previous exhibitions at Bright Street Gallery:

Linda Gotlieb PINK PEONY
Mixed media on canvas
400mm tondo
R3 000

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