As an artist my technical expertise is that of drawing, and in particular using graphite and pen and ink .

My pen and ink tree collection is created solely using pointillism or stippling – just a million little tiny dots made with a 1 mm archival ink pen . It takes an incredibly long time to do, but it fascinates me how the distance between each dot can change the tone and value of an image from afar . In this way I like to draw the viewer of my art in both ways – up close as being abstract impressionistic, and from afar – realistic .

As for my subject choices – I have always been a lover of nature and trees . Every single tree is unique and different – the older, the more gnarled and twisted, the more history it secretly holds. They have an almost spiritual mystery and awe about them that I find fascinating . They are indeed mother nature’s fingerprints of nature as no two trees are the same . 

They have taught me that it is a privilege to grow old, and age holds beauty too. .  Your face, just like that of an old tree, is marked with wrinkles and the lines of life – put there by laughter, tears, suffering and love.  Be like a tree – Conquer, thrive and survive, and wear your marks, scars and lines with pride.

I hope you enjoy my artwork .

To purchase any of the Artworks on display, click the link below or contact the Gallery

More Artwork by Anni Angus from displayed in previous exhibitions at Bright Street Gallery

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