Stephen J Quirke

I seek to reflect our yearning to return to the garden by painting what I see:

Each crag, each tree each boulder – shaped through time

Each creature, each person – created unique

I want to honour the detail in watercolour

I want to show something beautiful – perhaps something important

maybe even the hand of God Creator of heaven and earth

I prefer the vibrant, fresh immediacy of painting from life or on-site – Stephen J Quirke, Artist Statement.

Watercolour on Paper 600 x 800mm, framed
R 12 300

Artist Bio:

Stephen learnt to paint in watercolours in Namibia in the mid-1980s. He has continued to work in watercolour since coming to live in Somerset West in the early 1990s. He paints a broad range of subjects.

Watercolour on Paper 640 x 810mm, framed
R12 300
Stephen J Quirke KOGEL BAAI
Watercolour on Paper 560 X 750mm, framed
R12 300

He has held solo exhibitions here in Somerset West and in Namibia. He is a member of the Western Cape Art Society where he sometimes demonstrates in watercolour and participates in their exhibitions.
Stephen has been doing one watercolour a day since )January 2016. ln 2020 he painted 13 watercolours of scenes in Radloff Park,
from which he compiled a popular 2021 Radloff Park Calendar. These watercolours were presented in an exhibition in March 2021.

Stephen J Quirke HELDERBERG FORM THE WANNABE MOUNTAIN BIKE TRAIL Watercolour on Paper 750 x 950mm
R18 300

This year he has used his work to create a calendar for 2022 in support of PATCH Helderberg Child Abuse centre which is currently on sale. The work presented in this exhibition a drawn from this body of work. He is married to Aura and lives with her in Somerset West. His three children are in various stages of leaving home. When he is not painting he primes leaders and teams to create and execute strategies.

If you are interested to purchase any of the artwork on display please contact the gallery or click the link below:

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