Anel Wessels

Artist Bio:

My photographic work explores issues around societal inequalities and personal stories. My approach to my subject and environment, combined with the documentary qualities of traditional black and white film photography, allows me to create emotive works which tell a story through intimate and candid moments, inviting the viewer to bear witness.

Anel Wessels RETURN I, II, III
Hand printed photography 250 x 310mm, framed
R2 700 each

I cultivated my passion for analogue/documentary photography and the process of hand printing whilst studying Fine art at The Michaelis School of Fine Art, UCT. I’ve worked around Southern and East Africa and currently reside in Cape Town.

Earlier bodies of works such as West Coast and The Gospel Express investigate very specific communities to tell a larger story of what happens to people on the sidelines of a hyper-modernised society. Since then I have turned the camera onto my own life and am using photography as a tool to process trauma by documenting my own as well as my loved ones’ experience with issues such as gender-based violence.

Anel Wessels RETURN I, II, III
Hand printed photography 250 x 310mm, framed
R2 700 each

Though my work often deals with serious subjects, I attempt to keep my imagery subtle and poetic and continue to document life as it happens around me.

If you are interested to purchase any of the artworks on display please contact the gallery, or click the link below:

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