Anneke Potgieter

Artist Bio:

My art is an attempt at capturing the innate beauty of the natural world the flowers, plants, birds, and landscapes that surround me.
I grew up in the’80s in Cape town, right at the tip of the African continent where the indigenous fynbos abounds. Without any formal training, I’ve been creating art in some form or another my whole life.
Having studied both culinary arts and linguistics, I’ve always had a love for creating something from nothing, be it with food, words, or paint.

Anneke Potgieter ROSE HEDGE
Soft pastel on Canson paper, framed
R6 000

Today I create artworks inspired by Nature in my home studio in Kommetjie. Using primarily soft pastels and watercolours, I try to capture the sense of joy and deep calm that my subjects fill me with.

My art is not a denial of the ugliness and injustices of this world but a celebration of the beauty that exists despite it. This beauty is free to all of us who are willing to see it.

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