Karla Duterloo

Karla Duterloo is an award-winning artist with years of experience in the field of mosaic. Her expertise as a mosaic artist has allowed her to develop a truly authentic and unique style. This is particularly recognisable in her series of Nguni and other wild animal heads (buck, kudu, deer and buffalo). She has sold her animal heads to both local and international art collectors from over 30 different countries. Beyond the obvious beauty of each individual animal head (as not one is the same) there lies a deeper value within the collection as a whole.

Bead mosaic, framed 590 x 790mm
R6 900

Upon moving to South Africa Karla quickly realised the threat to the countries dwindling wildlife numbers. Her collection of animal heads serves as a vehicle to spark dialogue about this issue. Keeping the work connected to the land she incorporates a variety of locally sourced items such as different beads and beadwork seen throughout the collection. This led her to collaborate with local craftsmen who shared their insight about traditional colours and the history of beading within African culture and craft.

Karla Duterloo
Bead mosaic, framed 280 x 280mm
R2 550

The driving force behind Karla’s work is her love and passion for all things colour. She has a series of small 20 by 20 (cm) mosaics that play with colour and form. Beyond mosaic, she is also a skilled abstract painter and as of recently has been experimenting with a body of work that seamlessly merges the artistry of mosaic and abstract painting together as a cohesive whole.

The Seascape and bird-eye-view series are inspired by the Blauwberg and Melkbosstrand beaches with
their daily changing colours, patterns and views.
On her endless walks along these beaches close to where Karla lives, she gets her ideas for her work in all
that nature has to offer, like formations of how the mussels and shells set on the rocks, the texture of the
fynbos, the plants crawling over the sand-dunes, just to name a few. ln her studio she transforms mental
notes, visions and pictures taken into the textured, painted and beaded art pieces.

Bead mosaic, framed 280 x 280mm
R2 550

As an artist, she is constantly striving for that innovative edge that keeps her art modern, relevant and dynamic whilst always staying true to her own style. Karla Duterloo is represented by galleries in South Africa, Australia and The Netherlands. Her work is also featured in various mosaic and art books locally and abroad.

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