Vernon Fourie

I am an Artist, illustrator, Cartoonist, and Teacher, and in the words of Marc Chagall, “l work in whatever medium likes me at the moment.”
On Canvas my Painting Process combines a variation of Oil, Acrylic, lnk and Encaustic, while the Splash Technique incorporates the element of chance, allowing Mediums to bring their own uniqueness to the Piece.

Vernon Fourie
Oil & Acrylic on boxed canvas
1800 x 650mm
R22 500

On Paper my Body of Work includes two finished -but as yet unpublished- Manuscripts, a Graphic Novel entitled “Genesis for Beginners,” and a Novelty book entitled, “The ABC of Fantasy,” The “l Believe” Products, a Collection of illustrations that celebrate Passion, Belief and Wonder, is available on an Online Platform in the form of Coffee Mugs, Throw Pillows, Clothing and Tote Bags ToonSchool offers weekly Online Cartooning Classes to Teenagers and Adults who wish to either learn from scratch, would like to further their own illustrative skill or are interested in pursuing a career in the fast-growing Illustration & Animation Industries.

Vernon Fourie
Oil & Acrylic on boxed canvas
1620 x 850mm
R24 750

I am greatly inspired by Pop Art, Art Nouveau and Popular Culture, from Comic Book Art to Cinema,
and am fuelled by the Geek Sub-Culture: thousands like me who draw their strength and inspiration
from Fictional Heroes by embracing their passion for Superheroes, Epic Adventures, Fantasy and wonder.

It is about man’s ability to imagine and believe and also his ability to draw strength from this belief. lt is about becoming something greater by believing in something greater.
May the Creative Force be with You ! ! !


To purchase any of the artwork on display, please click the link below or contact the Gallery

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