Erna Groenewald

My work “Reminiscence” Oil on Canvas, was inspired by fond memories and how it can keep us going especially during times of restriction like 2020 lockdowns) instead of letting us dwell in the past. Never fear the darkness of a silhouette, there is always light behind it. Keep reaching for the light in order to create new memories

Artist Bio:

I am an Art and Design graduate, an experienced Art teacher with a passion for art, visual culture, design, self-expression, conceptual thinking, beauty and movement. My vision is to share and apply my personal perspective on how the complexities of life and the simple nature of living intersect to positively inspire us all.

Erna Groenewald REMINISCENE
Oil on canvas sheet, framed 290 x 340mm
R2 700

Living close to the ocean and nature, experiencing its true beauty and complexity, I am inspired by its ever-changing pallet. The impact of human nature on our surroundings also don’t go unnoticed.
I produce multiple artworks and projects in various formats and media. From interior design projects to fine art pieces. I draw most of my inspiration from my immediate
surroundings and current state of affairs. I gather visual information and inspiration while jogging, walking and hiking along the beach and surroundings. My work is mostly figurative and aims to create social- and environmental awareness. I also create interior design pieces that are abstract with mid-century modern influences.

For the past 30 years, I have worked professionally in marketing and design, as well as teaching art to all ages. My past experience in freelance design and project management gave me insight into creative problem-solving. Previous experience as owner-manager-teacher at the Little Village Art Studio in Tokai, Cape Town further provided an avenue to share my passion for Art development, along with the multiple teaching opportunities I’ve had at various public schools across South Africa. I am currently Subject Head for Art and Design at the high school level whilst pursuing my personal art journey in my spare time.

“lt is about perspective, not perception.” (Erna,2O2O)
“Mobility is not only on ability. lt is o privilege and on advantage. Keep moving.” (Erna, 2O2O)

Career & Studies:

  • BA (ART) Design and Art History NWU (1995)
  • Owner / Teacher Little Village Studio Art School (1997 – 1999)
  • Freelance Graphic Designer (1999 – 2002)
  • PGCE UNISA (2015)
  • Art Teacher (2003 to 2021)

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