Aiden Taillard

Artist Bio:

Aiden Taillard was born and raised in the Helderberg area. From a very young age he was always drawing
and since then never stopped doing art both as an escape and side hustle. When it came to starting
working he chooses a career in graphic design and little did he know that this will come in handy in
his later decision to become a full-time artist. Looking at his work you can see a strong automotive presence and blue-collar workmanship. His roots come from working in his father’s workshop learning all things about mechanical engineering and also learning about panel beating as
well. ln, his earlier works you can see anything from animals, couples portraits and even sneaker
Now after exploring different subjects he has found his sweet spot and that’s showing the
the craftsmanship of the blue-collar worker in the automotive industry.

Acrylic on canvas
500 x 650mm
R6 000

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