Use our Etching Press

etching press

The etching press is for sale, contact the gallery to enquire on 021 851 2520 or email to .

Artists are invited to use our etching press for copper plate etching, linocuts, woodcuts and other similar print techniques. The cost is R200.00 per person per session of up to 5 hours in one day.

We will provide the press. We also have a room available where you can work on your plates during the session.

You will need to bring (where applicable to the medium with which you are working): inks, paper to make the prints, roller towel, tissue paper, newspaper/old phone book, hard ground, soft ground, turps, methylated spirit, your own roller for applying the ink and your own tools.

Someone will be on hand to assist with the initial set up and use of the press.

To book your session or if to buy the press please phone us on 021 851 2520 or email to

Disclaimer: Users should understand that there are certain risks inherent in using the etching press and associated materials and equipment. All users must exercise due care in handling all equipment and materials and take due care and consideration of others working in the press area. Users must undertake to assume all responsibility for the quality of the plates and prints they produce.