Minette Kallis

About “Dusk”:

In January we visited one of my favourite destinations, Addo Elephant Park. It was a sweltering hot day with temperatures nearly reaching 40’C . We were on our sunset drive as this zebra crossed the road in front of us. He looked as tired and hot as we felt, certainly looking forward to the prospect of some cool evening air,
I could not resist the beautiful lighting and soulfulness of his expression.

Minette Kallis DUSK
Acrylic on canvas 400 x 400mm
R3 000

Artist Bio:

Minette Kallis was born in Pretoria and grew up in Durban.
She was interested in art from a young age and attended classes at the Gay Upton School of Art from age 9 until she matriculated in 1999. She earned a Honours degree in B. Information Science specialising in Multimedia at the University of Pretoria. While at university she studied Visual Communication, Design and
Animation. After completing her degree she moved to Cape Town where she pursued a career in Software Design.

“Growing up near the coast, I have always had a special affinity for the ocean, The movement of light and reflection, and the almost lifelike motion of white water fascinate me.
I love trying to capture the richness of colours and tones in nature with loose, fluid brush work.”

Artwork by Minette Kallis featured in previous exhibitions at Bright Street Gallery:

Minette Kallis FALSE BAY WAVE
Acrylic on canvas 560x380mm
R2 700

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Diane White

Dreams & Dreamscapes: – Latest Landscapes

The Dreams & Dreamscapes group exhibition is currently open to view, many more of Di’s latest landscapes are availible for purchase and on display.

Acrylic on canvas 600 x 900mm
R7 500

Floral inspiration:

I have always been inspired and fascinated by flowers and their delicate beauty.

Artist Bio:

I love to paint an idea rather than reality.  My work is loose, in vibrant, bright colours.  Bold brush strokes excite me.  My way of working has evolved over many years, and for a long time now I have painted every day.  I paint a variety of subjects from landscape to figures, mainly in acrylics, inks and watercolours.  It is the flow and excitement of these media which inspire me.  My art encompasses who I am: always looking for new challenges and new ways of expressing myself.

I have a bold and dynamic approach to the creation of a new painting.  I take my inspiration from a landscape or an element from nature, and I internalise the image. 

The image becomes a feeling, then an idea in my mind which I translate onto canvas using bold brush strokes and bright, vibrant colours.  I then step back, I contemplate and compare with the idea in my head.  I refine, I rework parts of the canvas until I am satisfied.  And if, on viewing the painting the observer gets a sense of that feeling, I am gratified.

I am a prolific artist and even though my work is constantly evolving I have an individual and recognisable style.  I love to experiment so that I can grow as an artist.  I am always open to new ideas and techniques and am gradually becoming more involved with the contemporary art scene.

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Artist’s Résumé

Born and educated in Manchester, England, Di studied art under Harold Riley, one of England’s top artists.  She arrived in South Africa in 1971 and worked for many years as an architectural draughtswoman in Somerset West. After raising her family Di took up painting again in the mid-1990s.

Di’s work hangs in many private collections around the world. She is represented in various galleries in South Africa and has her own studio in Somerset West.

She loves to experiment with different techniques, styles and media so that her work is constantly evolving and changing.  Her dynamic subject matter includes landscapes, cityscapes, seascapes, figures, portraits and flowers.

Di has been a member of the South African Society of Artists since 2005 and from 2010 to 2014 and again in 2018, chaired the Western Cape Artists’ Society.

Recent awards and exhibitions:

Best Acrylic Award at WCAS (Western Cape Artists’ Society) annual member exhibition. Highly commended (Acrylic) in the WCAS Annual Merit exhibition. Participated in South African Society of Artists’ SA Art Exhibition at Kirstenbosch Gardens.


‘Best in Class’ Top Gem – Acrylic and Commended Acrylic in the Western Cape Artists’ Society (WCAS) “Little Gems” exhibition. Participated in South African Society of Artists’ SA Art Exhibition at Kirstenbosch Gardens and Greyton Art walk in Greyton.


Highly Commended (mixed media) in the South African Society of Artists’ Annual Exhibition.


Top Gem in the Western Cape Artists’ Society (WCAS) “Little Gems” exhibition; highly commended (Watercolour) and commended (Acrylic) in the WCAS Annual Merit exhibition.

‘Best in Class’ Top Gem – Acrylic and Commended Acrylic in the Western Cape Artists’ Society (WCAS) “Little Gems” exhibition. Participated in South African Society of Artists’ SA Art Exhibition at Kirstenbosch Gardens and Greyton Art walk in Greyton.


Best acrylic in Western Cape Artists’ Society (WCAS) Annual Merit exhibition. Finalist in the Tollman Finlayson Art Award (Hermanus Fynarts)

Highly commended (Watercolour) and commended (Acrylic) in the WCAS ‘Across the palette’ exhibition

Artist, Di White

Jane Barnes

“If I create from the heart, nearly everything works,

if from the head, almost nothing.” – Marc Chagall

Artist statement:

My distinctive, abstract style is the perfect expression of my spontaneous response to the world I see and experience every day.
Each painting is full of energy and created with dynamic layers of colour. Just as in life, there is always more to discover if you pause to take a moment to look. My paintings are full of unexpected hints of what lies underneath, there’s a depth to discover.
I invite you to experience my paintings; to absorb what is seen, and to revel in the elicited response that I hope to stimulate.

Acrylic on canvas
600 x 700mm
R2 700

Artist biography:

Jane Barnes has always loved to explore different ways to depict the world around her. This passion led to formal Fine Art studies, where Jane realized that she did not want to draw form, only put down colour. Through a personal journey of trauma during her studies, she found her unique voice and her own contemporary, abstract style.

Jane Barnes
Acrylic on canvas 600x700mm

Jane has lived in both developed and developing countries around the world, and the distinct and rich cultural experiences had a profound influence on her art. While Jane drew inspiration from the landscapes and people, it is her intuition and connectivity to the people and landscapes around her that contribute to the depth in her paintings, and her choice of colours.

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More available artwork by Jane Barnes displayed in previous Bright Street Gallery Exhibitions:

Acrylic on canvas
800 x 1100mm
R5 850
Jane Barnes SUMMER
Acrylic on canvas
800 x 1100mm
R5 850
Acrylic on canvas 1200 x 1500
R12 960

Jane Barnes SEASPRAY
Acrylic on canvas 800x1100mm
R5 280
Jane Barnes Waking the dawn with my song
Acrylic on canvas 1200x1500mm
R10 050

Jane Barnes, Bringing New Life,
Acrylic on canvas 590x860mm,
R2 250

Tania Lockhart

Artist Bio:

Tania Lockhart nee Strachan grew up on a farm in the Elgin Valley surrounded by orchards and the most wonderful gardens .This is where her love of flowers, landscapes and vibrant colours started. She was inspired by her beautiful surroundings and influenced by her mother Lettie Strachan who was an accomplished artist.

Many of Tania’s botanical paintings are inspired by her love of gardening and her passion for flowers. On her hikes she takes copious photographs of the beautiful fynbos along the trails , which end up on her canvases. Tania’s style is a fusion of realism and abstract art using a palate of vibrant and vivid colours.

Tania Lockhart
Acrylic on canvas, 610 x 760mm
R2 925

She finds the process of painting and the use of colour wonderful for the lifting of spirits especially during lockdown when “Growth Season” was created. “Growth Season’s palette was purposefully vibrant and the mood playful. The reason the painting is called Growth Season is that she sees it as a growth of style that she is working towards.

Tania has enjoyed commercial success with silk art and recently her protea paintings.She looks forward to a future of growth as an artist spending more time developing her style and is blessed to spend time painting with a very special fellow artist and friend.

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More artwork by Tania displayed in previous exhibitions at Bright Street Gallery:

Tania Lockhart
Acrylic on canvas 300x300mm
R1 500


Artist bio:

As a therapist and self-taught artist, l’m interested in all the ways that art and therapy intersect and enrich each other. My artwork therefore reflects many of my personal struggles and triumphs, and has also been an important part of my meaning-making and healing.

In 2013, I suddenly and unexpectedly lost 80% of my vision. My blindness affects my focal vision the most, so producing accurate colours, fine lines and textural detail is difficult for me now. But I love texture and detail very much, so I use the colours and textures already available in recycled magazine papers. I especially love the rich, vibrant colours printed on glossy magazine papers, and the way that cuttings of magazine imagery and even lettering can create interesting and unexpected textural details. Using magazine papers in this way feels like a practice of accepting and choosing to collaborate with the constraints that I live with, and finding the spaces where I still have agency and creativity. Through my artwork, l’m able to clearly see and appreciate the unique beauty and meaning that I can create, not lust in spite of my constraints, but because of my constraints.

Cath Duncan PROTEA I Mixed media 240 x 330mm, framed R1 350

Given my experiences of being a transplant recipient, adoptive mother, and specialist grief support therapist, I also deeply resonate with the metaphors of breaking apart and coming back together in new combinations. I delight in layering pieces from different beginnings together to make something new that honours all of the unique and rich textures in each layer. I love how the layering process parallels therapeutic and healing processes, where we often revisit themes, each time adding new layers of nuance, insight, and possibility.
My magazine paper collages are a celebration of the visual qualities that I can still see and appreciate: composition, colour, and light. The subjects I choose are most often simple, ordinary things in life that offer a universal kind of pleasure that’s relatively accessible to us all, regardless of our social location, such as botanicals, natural landscapes, and sky scapes.

Cath Duncan PROTEA II
Mixed media
240 x 330mm, framed
R1 350

Proteas are not only beautiful flowers. They are also deeply meaningful to me. They are very resilient plants that have adapted to survive droughts and fires. They have strong, well-developed roots, and the ability to resprout and reseed especially well after fires. Smoke and heat from fire triggers germination in the nutrient-rich ashen soil, and new life begins again after fire, only more abundant than before. When we fully embrace the vulnerability and loss of the lives in life, and build within ourselves and our communities the character traits and skills that enable us to resprout, reseed, and thrive even more than before, that is true abundance!

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Artworks by Cath Duncan featured in previous exhibitions at Bright Street Gallery