Lisa Furness

Mixed media on canvas
760 X 900MM
R3 600

Artist bio:

I have been doing various different types of arts & crafts for a number of years now but the most pleasure I have had was doing a course on Creative Pattern Tangling with a good friend who has shown me various techniques & I have come a long way from when started.

Lisa Furness CORAL BLAZE
Mixed media on canvas
760 X 900MM
R3 750

What is so rewarding is the journey & seeing the end result! I am sometimes amazed at the outcome & surprise myself ! I have had numerous compliments & this encourages me to keep learning & experimenting.
There is a new discovery every day & it is a pleasure to take note of patterns/designs one would not normally recognise.

Lisa Furness
Mixed media
R 900

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I am a self taught artist that resides in Somerset West. Some of my earliest memories is of me drawing – to create has always been a passion. It however took a few years to finally get to that desired place. After obtaining a qualification in law and spending years working – I had the time to breathe and focus on creativity after my daughter was born and I stopped working full time. Painting for me is a joy – a need to express the astounding beauty that often surrounds us, frequently in the small and overlooked things such as a bright yellow lemon from my tree in the garden. The incredible detail in creation never ceases to amaze me and to interpret but a fraction of that on a canvas is awe inspiring.

Jalaun Schultz
Acrylic on canvas
R2 700

My painting style is realistic, with the occasional nod towards abstraction, to incorporate an element of the unexpected – even if its just in the background of a particular artwork. To find the perfect balance between realism and abstraction is a process that fascinates me – a journey, not just to paint what I see but also what I feel. I am inspired by artists.who have perfected balancing these opposite ends of the scale.

Colour is an important element in my art and the feeling and mood that different hues and shades can convey and create.

Jalaun Schultz HARVEST TABLE
Acrylic on canvas
R1 800

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Title of the artwork: Inner Beauty

“Inner Beauty” – something that is difficult to describe, but easy to recognise in a person that has it.

Medium: Bronze/Resin sculpture with stainless steel and leather base

Description of the sculpture process:

This sculpture was inspired by a young woman named Mandy who worked in a shop that I visited.

The original sculpture was created in clay. A mould of the sculpture was made from silicon with a

Supporting layer in fibreglass.

This sculpture was cast from that mould and is made from a mixture of bronze and resin.

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I focus on monochromatic artwork in various media, but right now my passion is with graphite and pen and ink, and the technical side of drawing.

The black and white of pen and ink on white paper, and the state of this medium being totally ‘inflexible’ compared to various other media and rather unforgivable with its permanent mark, challenges and fascinates me.

Anni Angus
Pen and ink on paper
540x700mm, Framed
R3 750

My pen and ink collection is created solely by using mainly pointillism, or stippling. There are no lines. It takes an incredibly long time to do and as a pen and ink artist one needs a great deal of stamina and patience – but the final outcome is to a tremendous degree personal and extremely rewarding.

In this regard I hope my artwork can draw the viewer in both ways, appreciating the work and effort up close, and enjoying it from afar. At present I am attempting something totally new, and rather unheard of – pointillism on canvas.

My tree collection:

My tree collection is something unique. Trees are used to represent life and growth in mythologies, legend and novels. They are considered representative of wisdom, strength, patience and life. It’s amazing how
every single tree is solitary in type or characteristics , each with its own quality and beauty – no two trees are the same. I focus on the very old, gnarled and interesting looking trees for inspiration – to me they are
nature’s true works of art.

Anni Angus
Pen and ink on paper
540x700mm, Framed
R3 750

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Gavin Millard

Artist Bio:

I have been drawing and painting from an early age. I took Art as a subject at school and earned a distinction. I had the choice of studying a Fine Arts degree at Wits University but opted instead for Architecture. After qualifying, I worked as an Architect for a few years and then decided to pursue a calling to full-time Christian Ministry. I am currently the Rector of Christ Church Somerset West where I have been serving for the past 17 years.
Painting plays an important role in my life and ministry. It provides me with a therapeutic outlet in what can be demanding work at times. In ministry, I’m constantly shifting contexts – one moment celebrating new life, and another coping with death… and everything in-between! I mostly paint abstracts in black and white enamel in which I wrestle with the “freedoms and restrictions” created by these extremes.

Inspiration behind Untitled I and Untitled II:

Gavin Millard
Untitled II
Black and white enamel on canvas
R10 000

I painted these works in the first weeks of “lockdown”. I was preaching through the Book of Job at the time. At one point, Job cries out in desperation: “At least there is hope for a tree… But a man dies and is laid low; he breathes his last and is no more.” Then seemingly out of nowhere, a shaft of light pierces his darkness. He questions: “If a man dies, will he live again?” This line of questioning in turn leads to the renewal of his hope for resurrection: “All the days of my hard service I will wait for my renewal to come. You will call and I will answer you; you will long for the creature you have made. Surely then you will count my steps but not keep track of my sin. My offence will be sealed up in a bag; you will cover over my sin.”
My paintings gives expression to the hope of life after death.

Gavin Millard,
Untitled I
Black and white enamel on canvas,
R15 000