Annette Du Preez

Artist Bio:

I am a retired Biology teacher and moved to Somerset West in 2005. I have been painting occasianally since 2002.

With Covid restrictions my husband and I were not able to travel much, so I started painting more often since the beginning of Covid.

Sitting on the veranda watching the Helderberg through the changing seasons, we enjoy the various vistas over a glass of wine.

Covid brought a lot of restrictions but there are also positives. So, no more painting procrastination!

Annette Du Preez
Acrylic on canvas, 400 x 700mm
R3 000

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Ince’s work has roots in her love for nature and our local ecology, and despite growing up far away from fynbos in Johannesburg she studied B.Sc in Stellenbosch.

Ince Maree
Oil on board, 200 x 200mm
R1 485

Focusing on Conservation Ecology and Botany. Having always had a passion for art she only started oil painting following a career in tourism and also having spent a lot of precious time with her two young daughters.

Ince Maree
Oil on board, 200 x 200mm
R1 485

Some of her favourite subjects are landscapes and plants and you will often find her with smudges of Prussian Blue or Viridian Green following a painting session. Other interests include sustainability, cooking with organic produce and supporting local artisans and producers.

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Limited edition print
280 x 870mm, framed
R2 250
Limited edition print
280 x 870mm, framed
R2 250

Tania Lockhart

Artist Bio:

Tania Lockhart nee Strachan grew up on a farm in the Elgin Valley surrounded by orchards and the most wonderful gardens .This is where her love of flowers, landscapes and vibrant colours started. She was inspired by her beautiful surroundings and influenced by her mother Lettie Strachan who was an accomplished artist.

Many of Tania’s botanical paintings are inspired by her love of gardening and her passion for flowers. On her hikes she takes copious photographs of the beautiful fynbos along the trails , which end up on her canvases. Tania’s style is a fusion of realism and abstract art using a palate of vibrant and vivid colours.

Tania Lockhart
Acrylic on canvas, 610 x 760mm
R2 925

She finds the process of painting and the use of colour wonderful for the lifting of spirits especially during lockdown when “Growth Season” was created. “Growth Season’s palette was purposefully vibrant and the mood playful. The reason the painting is called Growth Season is that she sees it as a growth of style that she is working towards.

Tania has enjoyed commercial success with silk art and recently her protea paintings.She looks forward to a future of growth as an artist spending more time developing her style and is blessed to spend time painting with a very special fellow artist and friend.

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Tania Lockhart
Acrylic on canvas 300x300mm
R1 500


“Colour is an important element in my art and the feeling and mood that different hues and shades can convey and create.” – Jalaun Schultz

I am a self taught artist that reside in Somerset West. Some of my earliest memories is of me drawing – to create has always been an overwhelming passion. Life however took me on a few detours before I was finally able to get to that desired place. After obtaining a qualification in law and spending years working – I eventually took time off to breathe and focus on creativity. I am loving the fact that there is always something new in life, a fresh way to look and experience what is around us and our ability to evolve and learn. Painting for me is sheer joy – a need to express and interpret the astounding beauty that often surrounds us, frequently in the small and mundane things. The incredible detail in creation never ceases to amaze me and to interpret but a fraction of that on a canvas is awe inspiring.

Jalaun Schultz
Acrylic on canvas, 600 x 700 mm
R2 100

My painting style frequently leans towards realism with a nod towards abstraction, to incorporate an element of the uncontrolled, the unexpected – even if its just in the background of a particular artwork. To find the perfect balance between realism and abstraction is a process that fascinates me – a journey not just to paint what I see but also what I feel. I am inspired by artists who have perfected balancing these opposite ends of the scale.

Jalaun Schultz
Acrylic on canvas, 800 x 900mm
R3 600

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More of Jalaun’s work in previous exhibitions at Bright Street Gallery:

Jalaun Schultz HARVEST TABLE
Acrylic on canvas
R1 800
Jalaun Schultz
Acrylic on canvas

CHANGING SEASONS – Opening 4th June @ 6 pm

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Participating artist:

Participating Artists:

Jalaun Schultz, Tania Lockhart, Linda Gotlieb, Annette Du Preez, Jennifer Johnstone, Matthew Cooke, Bert Touwen, Sanet Visser, Jenny Dugmore, Maria van Graan, Pat Atkinson, Ince Maree, Jane Barnes, Melinda Brummer, Mark Sanders, Audrey Hickman and Diane White

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“Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change.”
– Wayne Dyer