As an artist my technical expertise is that of drawing, and in particular using graphite and pen and ink .

My pen and ink tree collection is created solely using pointillism or stippling – just a million little tiny dots made with a 1 mm archival ink pen . It takes an incredibly long time to do, but it fascinates me how the distance between each dot can change the tone and value of an image from afar . In this way I like to draw the viewer of my art in both ways – up close as being abstract impressionistic, and from afar – realistic .

As for my subject choices – I have always been a lover of nature and trees . Every single tree is unique and different – the older, the more gnarled and twisted, the more history it secretly holds. They have an almost spiritual mystery and awe about them that I find fascinating . They are indeed mother nature’s fingerprints of nature as no two trees are the same . 

They have taught me that it is a privilege to grow old, and age holds beauty too. .  Your face, just like that of an old tree, is marked with wrinkles and the lines of life – put there by laughter, tears, suffering and love.  Be like a tree – Conquer, thrive and survive, and wear your marks, scars and lines with pride.

I hope you enjoy my artwork .

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More Artwork by Anni Angus from displayed in previous exhibitions at Bright Street Gallery

Anni Angus – Oil painting

” I want to draw the attention of the viewer to the beauty of flowers, on a larger scale than normal Nature is truly inspiring – and the Creator is truly the greatest artist of all.” – Anni Angus


My name is Anni Angus. l’m usually a monochromatic artist who enjoys the technical side of drawing – that being pen and ink pointillism and graphite. But every alternate month or two I love to pick up my oil paints and paint again. I like to swing from one medium to another it challenges and teaches me. Life after all is a learning process.

When I paint though, I like to keep it simple. I like to keep a very minimalist choice of colours on my palette – that being mainly three colours, but never more than four. ln this case l get an over all softer effect when mixing then, and the colours seem to flow
into each other and the whole picture seems to “blend” together and come together almost effortlessly.

Anni Angus
Oil on canvas
700 x 850mm
R3 600

For the summer colours exhibition, I chose to do two big floral works in oil of my favourite flower – peonies. I love the flowing movement that peonies seem to have, their intricate petals and the “delicateness” of it, I also want to draw the attention of the viewer to the beauty of flowers, on a larger scale than normal. Nature is truly inspiring – and the Creator is truly the greatest artist of all.
I have called the one “Tranquillity”. By using only three colours I created various shades of green, grey and ochre. The shades of green grass, stormy clouds and sunlight. The tranquillity of sunlight shining through parting clouds after a rainy day.
The other one, “Awakening” was painted on a black background with four colours. The colours of a sunset and a sunrise, a brilliant beautiful soft light that bursts forth into a new day, giving every one hope.

We are truly blessed to live here in the Western Cape, one of the most beautiful in the

Anni Angus
Oil on canvas
750 x 900mm
R3 750

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