Inspired by Beauty Art Exhibition now open to view

Our heartfelt appreciation to everyone that joined us at the Opening of the Inspired by Beauty exhibition and Open Studios @ 33 Bright Street on Friday 24th June 2022.

The Inspired by Beauty art exhibition showcases the artwork of 15 participating painting artists:

Anni Angus, Jane Barnes, Daniek Brink, Chris Carstens, Norman Field, Stella Formanek, Sean McCormack,  William Olivier,  Emily Paradis, Janet Pentz, Anneke Potgieter, Elrien Schutte, Bert Touwen, Katy Yang, Diane White

And 7 Sculptural ceramicists from The Potters Place: Magdalena Cloete, Petra Derksen, Saskia Guy, Nicolize Mulder, Gerda Smit, Lorraine Sykes and Evette Kruger

For affordable gift ideas and artworks, we invite you to come and view this exhibition. The Inspired by Beauty art exhibition is open to view until the 19th of August 2022.

A special thank you to Christelle from Bonnivale wines for hosting the informal wine tasting on Friday evening the 24th of June 2022.

A huge thank you to Evette from The Potters Place, Andy from Hobby Spot and Erica from Jumpring_Jewellery_Classes for inviting us into your art studios.

Gallery hours:

Tuesday – Friday 10 AM – 4 PM and Saturday 9AM – 12:30 PM

For more info: Email: or visit
(+27) 21 851 2520

Bright Street Gallery
33 Bright Street, Somerset West, 7130

Inspired by Beauty – Join us on Friday 24th June 2022 @6Pm

Bright Street Art Gallery invites artists, art lovers, and collectors of art to join them on Friday 24th June 2022 for the opening of the Inspired by Beauty Art exhibition & Open Studios at 33 Bright Street

Participating Artists:

Jane Barnes, Daniek Brink, Norman Field, Stella Formanek, Sean McCormack,  William Olivier, Emily Paradis, Janet Pentz, Anneke Potgieter, Elrien Schutte, Bert Touwen, Katy Yang, Diane White and featuring sculptural ceramics from The Potters Place.

In the courtyard behind the gallery, the Open Studios at The Creative Collab on Bright event will be held from 5 pm on Friday the 24th of June 2022. Ceramics and pottery by The Potters Place will be on display, Jewellery, and student work from Jumpring Jewellery Studio & Classes. View Vintage Antiques from Junkie Vintage Huys and models and crafts from the Hobby Spot.

Christelle from Bonnievale Wines will be hosting an informal wine tasting.

For more info: Email: or visit

(+27) 21 851 2520

Bright Street Gallery: 33 Bright Street, Somerset West, 7130              “

Linda Du Toit

Linda du Toit
Soft pastel on Paper
700 x 900mm
R4 500

The first one depicts a wind storm over Stellenbosch mountain (Title – changes in the Stellenbosch landscape) and the second one is the Hippo pools on the Whale trail( Title – Constancy in a world of change).

Linda du Toit
Soft pastel on paper
740 x 940mm
R4 500

If you are interested in the artwork on display, please contact the Gallery or click the link below:

Aiden Taillard

Artist Bio:

Aiden Taillard was born and raised in the Helderberg area. From a very young age he was always drawing
and since then never stopped doing art both as an escape and side hustle. When it came to starting
working he chooses a career in graphic design and little did he know that this will come in handy in
his later decision to become a full-time artist. Looking at his work you can see a strong automotive presence and blue-collar workmanship. His roots come from working in his father’s workshop learning all things about mechanical engineering and also learning about panel beating as
well. ln, his earlier works you can see anything from animals, couples portraits and even sneaker
Now after exploring different subjects he has found his sweet spot and that’s showing the
the craftsmanship of the blue-collar worker in the automotive industry.

Acrylic on canvas
500 x 650mm
R6 000

Ankia Joubert

Having spent many years working in the equine industry, I was naturally drawn to the power and the beauty of the horse as a subject matter for my art. As I have grown as an artist I have found the urge to dig deeper into my fascination with these amazing animals, drawing on all the years of being in close contact with them.

“What is it about the horse that attracts us to them?”
I have found that being in their presence is a healing experience, making me feel grounded in the present moment even when the outside world is chaotic and uncertain, It is the essence of these interactions that I seek to capture in my art, taking the viewer on a journey into the unknown world of the horse.

Ankia Joubert EQUANIMITY I
Acrylic on boxed canvas 750 x 750mm
R10 650

“Equanimity I embodies inner balance and harmony”

Throughout the creative process, I made use of several natural elements to bring about this feeling. The first is the incorporation of sea sand, mixed with heavy body acrylic, to create lively textures. The sea sand is symbolic of the ocean, which to me is a very peaceful entity that has the ability to calm a person. Balance and harmony always starts with calmness,

The second element is the use of natural Slate Blue pigment from the Joe Joubert Handmade 0il Paint collection, This natural pigment creates soft blue tones, which despite being subdued, is still vibrant and full of life. Although slate is a rather unremarkable stone it is considered by many to be a balancing stone that has the ability to balance the chakras and is seen as the perfect harmony of the elements.

These artworks are part of my whimsical, expressive series “She’s Horseman” which is inspired by my childhood love and fascination with horses. Both “Cloud” and “Wildheart” pays tribute to the incredible children stories about wild horses. Growing up, much time was spent reading these stories, as well as,
watching adaptations of these stories and documentaries on wild horses (my all-time favourite being about the wild horses of the Namib).
To this day people still see the wonder that is the wild horse and their many organizations, such as The Cloud Foundation, which works to protect the last surviving horses, the chakras and is seen as the perfect harmony of the elements.

Ankia Joubert ECHO
Oil on boxed canvas 500 x 700mm
R8 250

” Echo”

Nostrils flared, head held high. . . the Arabian stallion turns to face it,”
This painting pushes the boundary between abstraction and realism. At first glance, the viewer may only see a sea of colours, but when closely observed the head of an Arabian horse will slowly appear.

Exhibitions and accomplishments:

Equus Film Festival Art Competition Finalist 2017
Framez Art Exhibition (group exhibition) 2018- Framez
Call of the Wild (group Exhibition 2018- Bright Street Gallery
Western Cape Art Association members exhibition 2019 – Bright Street Gallery
Avontuur Pop Up Market 2021- Avontuur Estate Restaurant