Noreen Sturrock

Artist Bio:

I paint because I love it. Why?  Who knows, it just gives me pleasure and I can switch off my world for just a few hours. A touch of heaven.

Mostly I enjoy working in Oil and Acrylic. Although I have done work in Charcoal, Pastels, watercolour.

Noreen Sturrock,
Acrylic on canvas,
R12 750

I started Chinese Brush painting with a friend, Debbie, in Bangkok in the early 1980s. She persuaded me to give it a try. I remember it was the rainy season, hot, humid and very unpleasant.  There was little to do unless you wanted to sit in traffic! And that was the beginning of my Art Journey!  

Two years later I married my husband in Hong Kong.  Debbie was transferred to Hong Kong a year later and both of us joined in a weekly class with  Master Chiu Sai Kwong.  It was fabulous. Every Friday we would drive out to Master Chiu in Kowloon for the morning, and on the way back to Hong Kong Island we would stop off and have lunch, Salmon on a toasted Baguette!  7 years later, on and off we were still doing it.

We moved to Clear Water Bay and I took up golf! Art I tried juggling between Nursery school, golf and plenty of other commitments 

Each Country I lived in I kept up my Chinese brush painting until Ireland I joined a night school group Killarney Tec. And started to learn Acrylic painting. Pastels and drawing with an American teacher Debra O’Conner (O’Keefe) 

I exhibited with the Rotary Club Chinese Brush Paintings.

On arrival in Somerset West I decided to pursue my art more diligently and try out a new medium, Oils. Enrolled in a classes with Betty Nieuwoudt my very first introduction to oils. At the time I was living in Uganda and I would travel to South Africa at intervals, Betty always welcomed me into her classes at Crafters Inn.

Annette da Silva, I took private lessons with Annette learning the use of colour and big bold strokes. It was fun and we still paint today.  

My very first Workshop was a gift from my husband for a 3 day workshop was with Dale Elliott. It was magical and it opened up a new world for me with a different method to paint which I still use today. His son Mel joined him and I continued to make an annual trip for many years. My husband always knew that the best Birthday or Xmas present was/is a trip to Villiersdorp!

My introduction to Portraits was Elize Bezuidenhout. A 3 day workshop was/is magic. I have the opportunity to attend in October which I am really looking forward to with great anticipation. 

Derric Van Rensberg Workshop, Big Bold and Beautiful.

Workshops I have attended are so many that I can’t remember them all, here are but a few I attended recently, Sonja Frenz , Karen Burns, 

Plein Aire with Western Cape Art Society and trips away on various Art holidays. I have attended to some Markets

I belong to South African Artist Society based in Cape Town and Western Cape Art Society based in Somerset West.

Exhibited in

Bright Street Gallery, Somerset West

Ndiza Art Gallery, Gordon’s Bay

Kirstenbosch Gardens. 

Botanical Gardens in Kleinmond

Various Vineyards

Blue Waters, Lourensford road, Somerset West


Artist Bio:

I was born in Pretoria, South Africa in 1969, my childhood was spent with my family in the United States, Germany, Belgium and South Africa. I studied Graphic Design at the Ruth Prowse School of Art and Design and received my diploma in 1995. Having spent many years in the corporate field I started painting in 2011 and by 2012 opened my small business, the Trotting Trestle. 

Clea Witte
Strength in Unity
Oil on boxed canvas
1400mm x 2000mm
R37 500.00

My work gets inspired and fuelled by the beauty of the horse. I love working in oil paint, especially on a larger scale to capture the energy and grace of the horse. My art grows with each painting, finding new ways to bring across a work of art that captures the viewer to take a moment and be in wonder of such an incredible animal. It’s my perfect world being able to combine a love for horses and my love for art. I never have a perfect plan for my next project but instead let the process guide me into whichever directions it wants to go. Giving the painting a voice of it’s own, so it’s even for me a surprise in the end. 

Clea with her horse.
Image by Freddie Juhl

Jane Barnes

“If I create from the heart

nearly everything works,

if from the head, almost nothing.”

– Marc Chagall

Artist statement:

My distinctive, abstract style is the perfect expression of my spontaneous response to the world I see and experience every day.
Each painting is full of energy and created with dynamic layers of colour. Just as in life, there is always more to discover if you pause to take a moment to look. My paintings are full of unexpected hints of what lies underneath, there’s a depth to discover.
I invite you to experience my paintings; to absorb what is seen, and to revel in the elicited response that I hope to stimulate.

Jane Barnes Waking the dawn with my song Acrylic on canvas 1200x1500mm R10 050

Artist biography:

Jane Barnes has always loved to explore different ways to depict the world around her. This passion led to formal Fine Art studies, where Jane realized that she did not want to draw form, only put down colour. Through a personal journey of trauma during her studies, she found her unique voice and her own contemporary, abstract style.

Jane Barnes,
Bringing New Life,
Acrylic on canvas
R2 250

Jane has lived in both developed and developing countries around the world, and the distinct and rich cultural experiences had a profound influence on her art. While Jane drew inspiration from the landscapes and people, it is her intuition and connectivity to the people and landscapes around her that contribute to the depth in her paintings, and her choice of colours.



Andrew Mokgatla grew up in a small town just outside of Bloemfontein. Art and drawing came naturally. He was praised as a young one for his talent, but the pursuit of being a professional artist was a foreign concept in his township community. Andrew went against the grain and pursued an art education; he graduated with a National Diploma in Fine Arts
from Free State University of Technology. He was also the first to organize an art exhibition in his township. He gathered local artists, curated the event and introduced his community to the world of telling stories through art. Andrew currently has a studio in Muizenberg that serves as a hub for his illustration, painting and facilitation work.
Andrew speaks about his early memories of being an artist: “As a student I was always fascinated with drawing people and depicting everyday circumstances as they happen.

In the 80’s and 90’s, art was not part of township public education, but I loved biology where I
learned about the human body and observed the human form. I drew from what I was learning in the classroom. I was constantly sketching people at school and at home.”
His creative career has been vast: inside public school classrooms as a teacher, art based non-profits, publishing companies, private galleries, Plein Air Festivals, and commission-based freelance. Because Andrew fought to grow his skills in art from township to big-city, he desires for his work and process to inspire others, educate a new generation and give hope that you can make a career you love out of your gifts and talents!

Andrew Mokgatla Giraffe Acrylic on canvas 840x1200mm R12 000


“I’m fascinated by the story of everyday life. There’s so much we miss and don’t stop to appreciate. My work captures the beauty of a moment – the smile of a child, the slouch of an old man, the fabric of daily life.
I find inspiration from my immediate surroundings. Portraits definitely speak volumes, but colourful landscapes and the heart of community-life make me want to stop the world and capture the moment. I want to make sure viewers take note of how beautiful their every-day environment can be. We all have a story to tell. We all have things to celebrate. It’s my mission to help others discover the beauty around them and celebrate life.”

Diane White

Artist’s Bio

I love to paint an idea rather than reality.  My work is loose, in vibrant, bright colours.  Bold brush strokes excite me.  My way of working has evolved over many years, and for a long time now I have painted every day.  I paint a variety of subjects from landscape to figures, mainly in acrylics, inks and watercolours.  It is the flow and excitement of these media which inspire me.  My art encompasses who I am: always looking for new challenges and new ways of expressing myself.

I have a bold and dynamic approach to the creation of a new painting.  I take my inspiration from a landscape or an element from nature, and I internalise the image. 

The image becomes a feeling, then an idea in my mind which I translate onto canvas using bold brush strokes and bright, vibrant colours.  I then step back, I contemplate and compare with the idea in my head.  I refine, I rework parts of the canvas until I am satisfied.  And if, on viewing the painting the observer gets a sense of that feeling, I am gratified.

I am a prolific artist and even though my work is constantly evolving I have an individual and recognisable style.  I love to experiment so that I can grow as an artist.  I am always open to new ideas and techniques and am gradually becoming more involved with the contemporary art scene.

Artist’s Résumé

Born and educated in Manchester, England, Di studied art under Harold Riley, one of England’s top artists.  She arrived in South Africa in 1971 and worked for many years as an architectural draughtswoman in Somerset West. After raising her family Di took up painting again in the mid-1990s.

Di’s work hangs in many private collections around the world. She is represented in various galleries in South Africa and has her own studio in Somerset West.

She loves to experiment with different techniques, styles and media so that her work is constantly evolving and changing.  Her dynamic subject matter includes landscapes, cityscapes, seascapes, figures, portraits and flowers.

Di has been a member of the South African Society of Artists since 2005 and from 2010 to 2014 and again in 2018, chaired the Western Cape Artists’ Society.

Artist, Di White

Recent awards and exhibitions:

Best Acrylic Award at WCAS (Western Cape Artists’ Society) annual member exhibition. Highly commended (Acrylic) in the WCAS Annual Merit exhibition. Participated in South African Society of Artists’ SA Art Exhibition at Kirstenbosch Gardens.


‘Best in Class’ Top Gem – Acrylic and Commended Acrylic in the Western Cape Artists’ Society (WCAS) “Little Gems” exhibition. Participated in South African Society of Artists’ SA Art Exhibition at Kirstenbosch Gardens and Greyton Art walk in Greyton.


Highly Commended (mixed media) in the South African Society of Artists’ Annual Exhibition.


Top Gem in the Western Cape Artists’ Society (WCAS) “Little Gems” exhibition; highly commended (Watercolour) and commended (Acrylic) in the WCAS Annual Merit exhibition.


Best acrylic in Western Cape Artists’ Society (WCAS) Annual Merit exhibition. Finalist in the Tollman Finlayson Art Award (Hermanus Fynarts)

Highly commended (Watercolour) and commended (Acrylic) in the WCAS ‘Across the palette’ exhibition