Stephen J Quirke

I seek to reflect our yearning to return to the garden by painting what I see:

Each crag, each tree each boulder – shaped through time

Each creature, each person – created unique

I want to honour the detail in watercolour

I want to show something beautiful – perhaps something important

maybe even the hand of God Creator of heaven and earth

I prefer the vibrant, fresh immediacy of painting from life or on-site – Stephen J Quirke, Artist Statement.

Watercolour on Paper 600 x 800mm, framed
R 12 300

Artist Bio:

Stephen learnt to paint in watercolours in Namibia in the mid-1980s. He has continued to work in watercolour since coming to live in Somerset West in the early 1990s. He paints a broad range of subjects.

Watercolour on Paper 640 x 810mm, framed
R12 300
Stephen J Quirke KOGEL BAAI
Watercolour on Paper 560 X 750mm, framed
R12 300

He has held solo exhibitions here in Somerset West and in Namibia. He is a member of the Western Cape Art Society where he sometimes demonstrates in watercolour and participates in their exhibitions.
Stephen has been doing one watercolour a day since )January 2016. ln 2020 he painted 13 watercolours of scenes in Radloff Park,
from which he compiled a popular 2021 Radloff Park Calendar. These watercolours were presented in an exhibition in March 2021.

Stephen J Quirke HELDERBERG FORM THE WANNABE MOUNTAIN BIKE TRAIL Watercolour on Paper 750 x 950mm
R18 300

This year he has used his work to create a calendar for 2022 in support of PATCH Helderberg Child Abuse centre which is currently on sale. The work presented in this exhibition a drawn from this body of work. He is married to Aura and lives with her in Somerset West. His three children are in various stages of leaving home. When he is not painting he primes leaders and teams to create and execute strategies.

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Hanli Theron

Artist Bio:

Hanli is a well-known artist who received a BA in Fine Arts at the University of Stellenbosch in 1984; in the following year she completed a course in jewellery design and ten years later she completed a business degree at the Graduate School of Business at her alma mater, the University of Stellenbosch. Since 2013, Hanli has been exhibiting annually, including several exhibitions in Cape Town and its surroundings. Her work has travelled as far as Lamberts Bay and Port Elizabeth.

Currently, she is the owner and resident artist at the Pumpkin House Art Hub in Langebaan. Her inspiration comes from the ocean and swimming in open and cold-water conditions. These unchartered waters are the driving force behind Hanli’s art. She tunes into the rhythm of the sea and the movement within becomes an inexhaustible source of her genius.

Artwork from Hanli Theron displayed in previous Bright Street Gallery exhibitions:

Hanli Theron
Acrylic and mixed media
420 x 600mm
R1 575

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Hanlé Barnard

The Poets gift of colour, even

The canvas lends itself to expression with colours that burst. This tiny painting was a moment in time where the artist delved to express an emotion. It is marked by a celebration of love and colour, and reminiscent of beauty and her love of colour.

Oil on canvas
R1 800

The Poet’s Dream, a metamorphosis

This work has transformed into various shapes and colours. The artist explores metamorphosis. Mostly painting in the evening with no red paint, she utilised nail polish to complete the work with shades of pink and orange. With her risk-taking and exploration of emotions, this work is her celebration of renewed trust often shaded by the shadows of doubt. 

Mixed media on canvas
R4 500

Artist Bio:

Hanlé Barnard is a painter, singer, violinist, scriptwriter and actress. Her art lies close to her he(art) and a means to be herself and express emotions. Her relationship with the canvas is personal and the viewer integral. 

Her works are often a celebration of love and loss, echoing moments that she portrays with vivid colours and shapes. 

Art is her first love and she has enjoyed selling designs while exhibiting in prestigious galleries. The artist views the work as a distortion of the world where individuals are misunderstood, and her art is a way of making sense of her surroundings and intense feelings. Every painting is constructed with a burst of inspiration – and the artist mostly paints in the evenings with the utilization of light and shadows. 

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Artwork by Hanle Barnard, displayed in previous Bright Street Gallery Exhibitions:

Hanlé Barnard
Him to the Hummingbird
Acrylic on canvas
R6 000

About Him to the Hummingbird:

It’s a celebration of loss and the loose strokes and colours fade into a distorted shape with bright colours that playfully serves as fun antitheses to a loved one’s departure. The painting explores remembrance and finding beauty in pain.

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Matthew Cooke

I’m tying to capture those moments in our environment that uplift us and cause us to stop for a second.

– Matthew Cooke

Artist Bio:

Pen sketching and watercolour have drawn me into a journey into sketching landscapes, architecture and experiments.

Matthew Cooke
Pen, Ink on paper 590 x 770mm, framed
R13 500
Matthew Cooke
Ink & watercolour on paper
280 x 350mm, Framed
R1 950

Growing up I had a grandfather who painted very classically styled watercolour landscapes and I gave it a go back then. I lost the urge for a long time after. Last year’s lockdown and all the stress that came with it, together with inspiration from my sister who has been painting for a while now, spurred me on to begin this journey that has turned into a bit of an obsession. Working from my own Instagram photos as well as others that I find all over the place online, I have been thoroughly enjoying the combination of loose penwork and watercolour.

Matthew Cooke
Pen & Watercolour on paper 420 x 320mm, framed
R1 950

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Trushka Badenhorst,

To see is not necessarily to look, and to laugh is not necessarily to live.

There is really so much, much more …” – Trushka Badenhorst

Artist Bio:

With art at school, I started more than a decade after that with informal art lessons. Stopped for a long time, and started yet again.
Participated in a few group exhibitions in the past but the hunger to be FREE stayed, and in 2017 I started my full-time art career!

As an oil painter I recently stumbled upon charcoal and fell totally in-love with the medium! Also busy experimenting with acrylic, mixed media, recycle art and mosaics.

I’m really a broad-based creative – flexible,’pliable’ to change – redo, reconstruct, restore… The same reason why I mostly create to draw out an emotional response from the onlooker.

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