Title of the artwork: Inner Beauty

“Inner Beauty” – something that is difficult to describe, but easy to recognise in a person that has it.

Medium: Bronze/Resin sculpture with stainless steel and leather base

Description of the sculpture process:

This sculpture was inspired by a young woman named Mandy who worked in a shop that I visited.

The original sculpture was created in clay. A mould of the sculpture was made from silicon with a

Supporting layer in fibreglass.

This sculpture was cast from that mould and is made from a mixture of bronze and resin.

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Karen Henry

Karen Henry
Canola Fields in Botrivier
Acrylic on canvas

About Canola Fields in Botriver:

I am drawn to bright, vibrant colour and I think that you find the most beautiful range and combination of colours in flowers and nature. We were visiting the canola fields in Spring to see the expanses of bright yellow canola flowers.

Once I had taken a few photos I saw that the landscape shapes were quite geometric, and the natural colours included purples as well as yellows and greens. I have tried to reflect these observations in this painting. Below is the photo that inspired the painting.

Reference photo by Karen Henry

This trip was the first trip out after lockdown. I wanted my painting to reflect brightness, hope and the beauty of nature.