Hanlé Barnard

The Poets gift of colour, even

The canvas lends itself to expression with colours that burst. This tiny painting was a moment in time where the artist delved to express an emotion. It is marked by a celebration of love and colour, and reminiscent of beauty and her love of colour.

Oil on canvas
R1 800

The Poet’s Dream, a metamorphosis

This work has transformed into various shapes and colours. The artist explores metamorphosis. Mostly painting in the evening with no red paint, she utilised nail polish to complete the work with shades of pink and orange. With her risk-taking and exploration of emotions, this work is her celebration of renewed trust often shaded by the shadows of doubt. 

Mixed media on canvas
R4 500

Artist Bio:

Hanlé Barnard is a painter, singer, violinist, scriptwriter and actress. Her art lies close to her he(art) and a means to be herself and express emotions. Her relationship with the canvas is personal and the viewer integral. 

Her works are often a celebration of love and loss, echoing moments that she portrays with vivid colours and shapes. 

Art is her first love and she has enjoyed selling designs while exhibiting in prestigious galleries. The artist views the work as a distortion of the world where individuals are misunderstood, and her art is a way of making sense of her surroundings and intense feelings. Every painting is constructed with a burst of inspiration – and the artist mostly paints in the evenings with the utilization of light and shadows. 

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Artwork by Hanle Barnard, displayed in previous Bright Street Gallery Exhibitions:

Hanlé Barnard
Him to the Hummingbird
Acrylic on canvas
R6 000

About Him to the Hummingbird:

It’s a celebration of loss and the loose strokes and colours fade into a distorted shape with bright colours that playfully serves as fun antitheses to a loved one’s departure. The painting explores remembrance and finding beauty in pain.

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Maria van Graan

Artist Bio:

I was extremely privileged to grow up with a very creative an artistic Mom who supported me in my art from a young age.

I did art as a subject in school and did Jewellery design at Tygerberg art centre. I went on to study B.Prim.Ed Art at Stellenbosch University and since then have been inspiring young people to believe in their art.

After doing commissioned murals in Pretoria for years I moved to Somerset West and started teaching at Somerset College.

Maria van Graan
Watercolour on paper
320 x 420mm, framed
R1 800

It was during those early years of teaching that I started painting for pure enjoyment in my spare time; painting what I loved and creating works that I was proud of.

Maria van Graan
Watercolour on paper
320 x 420mm, framed
R1 800

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27-30 September 2019 – Online Art Auction

Bright Street Gallery is proud to host an online auction to be held on 27-30 September 2019 via our Website and Facebook page Bright Street Gallery – online Art auction. Selected works for New Beginnings Group exhibition will be on auction.

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27-30 September 2019 – Online Auction Catalogue

Participating Artists include:

Trushka Badenhorst

Zach Mukwira

Mark Sanders

“Lion” by M. Sanders, Oil on canvas, 600x900mm, R3240

Christine Cherry Jones

“Nude with Yellow chair” by Christine Cherry Jones, Oil on canvas, framed, R3800.00

Melinda Brummer

“I Found You” By Melinda Brummer, Oil on canvas, R2280

Karen Litson

Belita Burger

” All that Glitters..” by Belita Burger, Mixed media, 1010x500mm R5280

Laurette van der Merwe

“A New Day, a new season” by Laurette van der Merwe, Fibre art, R890

Jennifer Johnstone

“Rocks looking towards Hermanus” by Jennifer Johnstone, Oil on canvas, framed, R4800.00

Helmuth von Michaelis

” Oleander” by Helmuth von Michaelis, high quality Print on Hahnemühle German Etching Paper, framed, 900x800mm, R5000.00

Carmen Gordon

Xenia Hulme

Xolani Sivunda

“Beginning of a new light” by Xolani Sivunda, Acrylic on board, R4800.00

Clea Witte

Joseph Chikwenhere

“Owl” by Joseph Chickwenhere, Resin Driftwood, R1200

Doug Phillips

Joy Meyer

Cornelie Wolff,

“Waiting” by Cornelie Wolff, Oil on Canvas, R1440

Alyson Guy

“Where am I going” by Alyson Guy, Oil on canvas, R2400

Sanet Visser

“Progressive Change III” by Sanet Visser, Monoprint, R1000

Anja Appy,

Lisa Furness

“Tangle IX” by Lisa Furness, Pen and Ink, R420

Diane White