Tania Lockhart

Artist Bio:

Tania Lockhart nee Strachan grew up on a farm in the Elgin Valley surrounded by orchards and the most wonderful gardens .This is where her love of flowers, landscapes and vibrant colours started. She was inspired by her beautiful surroundings and influenced by her mother Lettie Strachan who was an accomplished artist.
Many of Tania’s botanical paintings are inspired by her love of gardening and her passion for flowers. On her hikes she takes copious photographs of the beautiful fynbos along the trails , which end up on her canvases .
Tania’s style is a fusion of realism and abstract art using a palate of vibrant and vivid colours.

Tania Lockhart
Acrylic on canvas
R1 500

She finds the process of painting and the use of colour wonderful for the lifting of spirits especially during lockdown when “SHOALTIME was created. Shoaltime was inspired by a beautiful photograph that she found on her mothers camera after she had sadly passed away (no doubt meant for Lefties own canvas).
Shoaltimes palette was purposely vibrant and the mood playful to lighten the mood of lockdown. It is a departure from her abundant canvases of botanicals and landscapes. Tania has enjoyed commercial success with silk art and recently her protea paintings.She looks forward to a future of growth as an artist spending more time developing her style and is blessed to spend time painting with a very special fellow artist and friend.

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