Marion Langton

Watercolour on paper
R7 000

MARION LANGTON awssa fsasa – Born in Paarl South Africa and resides in Hout bay with her Daughter. Her artistic career began in 1984 studying with Len Thomas. Additional studies under Derric van Rensburg, Dale Elliott and Stephanie Watson gave Marion sound technical watercolour knowledge, and further creative workshops have given her an unsaturated desire to create in the medium.

Marion Langton BAGATELLE
Watercolour on paper
R2 500

She has a passion for watercolours and enjoys sharing her unique approach. With her technical abilities, she experiments with the medium creating innovative works which are often started randomly involving design and colour, allowing the paintings to develop into a resolved experience. Her paintings often depict the role that women play in the life of South Africa.

Watercolour on paper
350 x 500mm
R3 500

In 1969 she was made an Associate of the Watercolour Society of South Africa and in 2007 she became a Fellow of the South African Society of Artists. In 2010 was awarded a medal of appreciation for promoting art locally and nationally by the South African National Association of the Visual Arts. Marion enjoys depicting flowers, landscapes and figures. Has participated in many group exhibitions throughout South Africa and has held 4 successful solo exhibitions.

Watercolour on paper
560 x 760mm
R5 500

Her work is represented in private collections in many countries. Through actively taking part in various groups such as the SA Society of Artists, Western Cape Watercolour Group, Somerset West Art Group and the Stellenbosch Art Association, Marion has achieved numerous awards for her watercolours over the years. Marion lectured at the Andrew Owen School of Art & Design and now conducts her own classes, workshops, critiques and demonstrations. Has been teaching adults for 24 years encouraging her students to derive as much pleasure from painting as she does while discovering their individual creativity.

Marion Langton COPPĖLIA Watercolour on paper
680 x 860mm
R7 000

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Aiden Taillard

Artist Bio:

Aiden Taillard was born and raised in the Helderberg area. From a very young age he was always drawing
and since then never stopped doing art both as an escape and side hustle. When it came to starting
working he chooses a career in graphic design and little did he know that this will come in handy in
his later decision to become a full-time artist. Looking at his work you can see a strong automotive presence and blue-collar workmanship. His roots come from working in his father’s workshop learning all things about mechanical engineering and also learning about panel beating as
well. ln, his earlier works you can see anything from animals, couples portraits and even sneaker
Now after exploring different subjects he has found his sweet spot and that’s showing the
the craftsmanship of the blue-collar worker in the automotive industry.

Acrylic on canvas
500 x 650mm
R6 000

Norman Field

Artist Bio:

ln 1956 I obtained the U.K. equivalent of a matric pass in art. This unremarkable event brought to an end my formal art training.

Norman Field WAITING FOR WIND Oil on canvas board 400 x 500mm R2 700

For the next 63 years, I became, like many others, an occasional weekend painter, using the age-old method of self-taught, namely trial and error. Landscapes and townscapes are my preferred subjects.
However, in 2019 I closed my architectural practice in Somerset West and began to paint on a much more regular basis.

Oil on canvas
300 x 400mm
R2 700

I feel that this has steadily improved the quality of my work, which hopefully, can continue.
My only problem is that I might be running out of time!

Norman Field
PENINSULA Oil on canvas
400 x 400mm